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ENELL Sports Bra


The Enell sports bra: the only sports bra you'll ever need! Stop the hunt, voluptuous women rejoice, you have found the bra that will tame the girls! The Enell sports bra is the one that has gotten all the accolades. It will keep your girls locked and loaded for the duration of your workout. I know you are thinking, it looks like a superhero vest, maybe it is? Give it a try and see how good you feel with it on...There is a reason the Enell sports bra was one of OPRAH'S favorites! 

Please click on the Enell fitting video below in the description to ensure that you order the correct size.


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The Enell sports bra has been seen on “Oprah”, “The TODAY Show”, and “The Biggest Loser” and featured in multiple magazines, such as "US Weekly", "O", "SELF", "Shape", and "Prevention".

On Oprah's personal "O List" of a few things she thinks are just great, Oprah says, "Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they're not going anywhere."

  • Stabilizing back panels improve posture
  • Made from NATUREXX, a 90% nylon and 10% Lycra fabric. This high performance fabric wicks moisture away from your body and dissipates body heat while giving you outstanding strength, color, and garment life.
  • Front hook & eye closure for easy on/off
  • Movement control  ribcage band of support and a secure fit
  • Outer clothing moves freely over the smooth nylon Lycra spandex fabric

With the ENELL sports bra, your breasts are completely secured for minimal bounce. This bra fits much tighter than any other bra your have tried and retains its support even after becoming wet with perspiration. 

Please click on the Enell sports bra fitting video below to ensure that you order the correct size.

Enell Fitting Video


Sizing Chart: Correct sizing for this bra is extremely important! For best results, take two measurements with your current regular bra on:

1. Bust: around the fullest part of your breast.

2. Rib Cage: around the rib cage, directly under the breast.

With those measurements consult the sizing chart. We strongly recommend that you determine your size with measurements.

Between sizes? If when you measure you find one measurement says to order one size and the other measurement says to order another size, order the larger of the two sizes.

To get optimum wear never use fabric softeners and always line dry your sports garments.

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