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  • New look and attitude coming for LOS

    Okay, so it's time for a fresh new look on LOS... I am bored to tears with the current site. I am ready for something, fresh, new, and sassy! We are ditching the politically correct phrasing and we are going full throttle sassy. If it offends anyone that is our customer, it is not meant to. It's simply to throw up our hands, let down our hair, and throw caution to the wind. Any of my friends will tell you that I am a total smart-ass and it's time to reflect that in the site. So, for you skinny girls out there that either work your ass off to be skinny or if you were just blessed with good genes and a fast metabolism, you will now be referred to as "skinny bitches" on the site. It is a term of endearment so embrace it. Now, for you girls that have curves we are no longer "plus size", it's a stupid term, I hate it! I have to use it on the site because of Google, search terms, SEO value, blah, blah, blah... But from here on out you will be referred to as "big mamas". If you got the curves flaunt them, be happy in the skin you are in, and have a little attitude to go with it. One of our clients who I chatted with on the phone would like it to be "big mama with flare", it's too wordy for me, but the flare is implied. I am searching like crazy for some fun {and anti-frumpy} clothing options for you big mamas out there. I've got some fabulous new items that you can rock your curves in coming from England, so shi-shi, right? If you have any suggestions on any other big mama brands out there, stateside or abroad give me a shout out and I will look into it. So stay tuned for the new look, we hope to have it up and running in the next month or two!

  • The Truth Behind This Flower Power Blogger

    I own a company that sells fitness apparel, how did I get into this business?  It's not for my love of fitness, I can tell you that straight up.  In fact, while I do exercise on a regular basis I am far from a fitness addict.  Those endorphins you hear about have just never impacted me I guess.  I force myself to workout and dread it almost everyday.  I make my friends workout with me, mostly because without them I would be bored to tears and bail as soon as something became even somewhat strenuous. I thought owning a fitness apparel company would make me passionate about exercise, nope, hasn't happened.  I do look awfully cute when I workout though {minus the bright red face} and I've got more sports bras than the average girl and they all hold my girls in place while I sweat.

    The items I carry on the site are ones that I would truly workout in, every item on here is tried and true.  If I haven't tried it, my girlfriends have {for example my D cups will not work in the Handful bra} or my sister has tested out the plus size goods for me. In fact many of the photos on the site are of my girlfriends and my sister is in a few shots as well.

    One of the features on the site is the blog.  As you can see I haven't blogged in over seven months.  I guess you just get caught up in work, family, and everyday life to keep up with the blogging aspect.  My SEO guy tells me he can have someone write blog posts for me... I can't go there.  A year or two ago I agreed to that, once, just once.  The writer submitted the post to me and it was all about the correct running shoe and to check out our selection.  I informed her {not so nicely} that we did not carry running shoes!  What the?  So, I have not hired a writer for the blog, and have dropped the ball myself.  However, today is the day, I will start blogging on here.  I will plug the site, of course, that is the mission after all.  But in order to have anything interesting to say I'm just going to start rambling about what I'm interested in.

    First topic... I am now 40 and intend to get serious about my health. I have two daughters and want to be able to keep up with them and live a long and healthy life so I can enjoy them as long as possible. In the past year I have lost about 15 pounds and am now about 4 pounds away from what I lied to the DMV about on my drivers license.  I'm hoping by the end of next month to be truthful on my license, but not for too long, I'd love to drop well below that number. We've got a wedding in the family coming up in a little under two months, so it's time to get serious! I will not be in a zillion photos and be embarrassed, I already bought a killer dress that is just a smidge too small.  I WILL rock this dress in less than two months, and I WILL be slimmer and toner. Let the journey begin...


  • New Year's Resolution Time Again

    Well it's that time of year again, New Year's Resolution time.  We all get excited about a fresh start and losing the weight gained from the constant grazing of the holidays.  I for one have gained at least 3 pounds and that's if I weigh myself naked and first thing in the morning, so it's time to get serious.  What better than some fresh workout gear to get you excited about getting moving again?  I'm thinking a sale might be in order... all in agreeance?  Yes, I thought you'd agree.  So all you ladies looking to start the year off right, I've put everything on the site on sale, yes, EVERYTHING!  Just use the coupon code 2013 and it will take 15% off your entire order {including clearance items}, January 4th-7th!  We've got all the best brands; Enell, CW-X, Kangoo Jumps, Moving Comfort, Shock Absorber, Anita, A Big Attitude, Handful and more.  Happy New Year and happy shopping!

  • "Sweat Wicking" and Why It’s Important

    Aerobic activities increase the heart rate and the amount of oxygen the body needs to give you the energy to work out. Due to increased heart rate during exercises, you breathe faster and your body temperature also increases. What’s next? That’s right, the sweat it takes to try to cool you down.

    When you sweat, it’s important to have sportswear that will absorb it. You may have heard this referred to as “sweat wicking.” This helps prevent chafing and irritation in all of those already sensitive areas. The perfect example of a great sweat-wicking product is the Enell sports bra. It absorbs the sweat so you can just focus on your exercising!

    For more information about the Enell line of products, visit the Enell brand page.

  • Workout Clothes for Women of all Sizes

    At Ladies Only Sports, we carry hundreds of the best products from all of the best brands around. Regardless of size, it’s important to find the right sportswear that will give you maximum comfort and support. In order to have the most effective workouts, you’ll want to have sportswear that won’t let you down!

    There’s nothing worse than a workout when you’re uncomfortable because of sportswear that simply doesn’t do the job. No matter if you’ve got a petite physique, or you’re looking for plus size sportswear, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!

  • Women's Sportswear for the Masses

    No matter if you’re new to workouts, or an avid fitness buff, it’s important to remember that your body goes through a series of changes during rigorous workout sessions and sports activities. That’s why it’s equally important to have the right fitness gear. One of our favorite products is the Enell sports bra. It’s a great product that will help keep irritation and chafing to a minimum by absorbing sweat as you work out.

    For more information on these amazing products, visit our sports bra page, or give us a call at (877) 567-5239.

  • Comfort is Important!

    Sports bras are made for comfort. Lack of proper support leads to lots of discomfort. Outfits worn for sports and exercises must not restrict your movements.

    The most basic sports bra has a typical tank top design. Some involve the use of gel and water pads, silver fibers and air bags. Some sports bras are knitted in circular patterns for varying stretch and support.

    Another typical design involves the use of a stretchable and absorbent fabric like NATUREXX (90% nylon and 10% Lycra). A great example of a versatile product like this is the Enell sports bra. These types of bras reduce irritation by absorbing sweat from the skin. Irritation? Talk about discomfort while working out!

    For more information, give us a call today!

  • Sports Bras after Invasive Surgeries

    At Ladies Only Sports, we like to educate our customers as much as possible. We know the ins and outs of women's sportswear, and we think it's important to share some of that knowledge from time to time. Today, we just wanted to shed light on a scenario that many companies don't seem to talk about.

    Some women are advised to wear sports bras after invasive surgical procedures. In such scenarios, a sports bra that closes on the front and has a seamless cup can be a good choice. Used in the right size, it offers adequate comfort and helps in healing of surgical wounds. With that in mind, it's pretty easy to see why we feel that choosing the right size and type of bra is important!

    If you've recently had a major surgery that may require you to get a sports bra, give us a call today!

  • Types of Sports Bras

    Sports bras may either "encapsulate" or "compress" breasts. They may also be designed with a combination of both the aspects.

    A compression bra is ideally recommended for medium impact sports. However, up to a C cup, it's also effective for high impact sports. It is made to push the breasts against the chest to reduce their movement and bounce.

    Encapsulation bras are tailored for larger cup sizes and are good for high impact sports. It looks like a normal bra where the breasts sit inside the cup.

    Combination bras integrate the encapsulated cups with the look and firm hold of a compression bra. These are suitable for moderate to high impact sports for a medium to large breast size. Moving Comfort makes some of the most effective combination bras.

    If fitness and safety are important to you, Ladies Only Sports has the sportswear that you need! Give us a call today!

  • Why is Choosing the Right Sports Bra Important?

    When purchasing women's sportswear, it's important to be particularly careful about selecting the right sports bras. A sports bra is tailored to offer additional support to female breasts during physical exercises and sports activities. Sturdier than the typical bra, they're intended minimize the movement of breasts, alleviate any feeling of uneasiness or discomfort and reduce the chances of any damage to the chest ligaments. A supportive bra is essential for work outs and high impact exercises.

    In short, the right sports bra helps prevent injuries and discomfort, and can help delay long-term sagging of breasts. For more information, please check out our sports bra page.

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