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posts about living an active lifestyle

  • New look and attitude coming for LOS

    Okay, so it's time for a fresh new look on LOS... I am bored to tears with the current site. I am ready for something, fresh, new, and sassy! We are ditching the politically correct phrasing and we are going full throttle sassy. If it offends anyone that is our customer, it is not meant to. It's simply to throw up our hands, let down our hair, and throw caution to the wind. Any of my friends will tell you that I am a total smart-ass and it's time to reflect that in the site. So, for you skinny girls out there that either work your ass off to be skinny or if you were just blessed with good genes and a fast metabolism, you will now be referred to as "skinny bitches" on the site. It is a term of endearment so embrace it. Now, for you girls that have curves we are no longer "plus size", it's a stupid term, I hate it! I have to use it on the site because of Google, search terms, SEO value, blah, blah, blah... But from here on out you will be referred to as "big mamas". If you got the curves flaunt them, be happy in the skin you are in, and have a little attitude to go with it. One of our clients who I chatted with on the phone would like it to be "big mama with flare", it's too wordy for me, but the flare is implied. I am searching like crazy for some fun {and anti-frumpy} clothing options for you big mamas out there. I've got some fabulous new items that you can rock your curves in coming from England, so shi-shi, right? If you have any suggestions on any other big mama brands out there, stateside or abroad give me a shout out and I will look into it. So stay tuned for the new look, we hope to have it up and running in the next month or two!

  • The Truth Behind This Flower Power Blogger

    I own a company that sells fitness apparel, how did I get into this business?  It's not for my love of fitness, I can tell you that straight up.  In fact, while I do exercise on a regular basis I am far from a fitness addict.  Those endorphins you hear about have just never impacted me I guess.  I force myself to workout and dread it almost everyday.  I make my friends workout with me, mostly because without them I would be bored to tears and bail as soon as something became even somewhat strenuous. I thought owning a fitness apparel company would make me passionate about exercise, nope, hasn't happened.  I do look awfully cute when I workout though {minus the bright red face} and I've got more sports bras than the average girl and they all hold my girls in place while I sweat.

    The items I carry on the site are ones that I would truly workout in, every item on here is tried and true.  If I haven't tried it, my girlfriends have {for example my D cups will not work in the Handful bra} or my sister has tested out the plus size goods for me. In fact many of the photos on the site are of my girlfriends and my sister is in a few shots as well.

    One of the features on the site is the blog.  As you can see I haven't blogged in over seven months.  I guess you just get caught up in work, family, and everyday life to keep up with the blogging aspect.  My SEO guy tells me he can have someone write blog posts for me... I can't go there.  A year or two ago I agreed to that, once, just once.  The writer submitted the post to me and it was all about the correct running shoe and to check out our selection.  I informed her {not so nicely} that we did not carry running shoes!  What the?  So, I have not hired a writer for the blog, and have dropped the ball myself.  However, today is the day, I will start blogging on here.  I will plug the site, of course, that is the mission after all.  But in order to have anything interesting to say I'm just going to start rambling about what I'm interested in.

    First topic... I am now 40 and intend to get serious about my health. I have two daughters and want to be able to keep up with them and live a long and healthy life so I can enjoy them as long as possible. In the past year I have lost about 15 pounds and am now about 4 pounds away from what I lied to the DMV about on my drivers license.  I'm hoping by the end of next month to be truthful on my license, but not for too long, I'd love to drop well below that number. We've got a wedding in the family coming up in a little under two months, so it's time to get serious! I will not be in a zillion photos and be embarrassed, I already bought a killer dress that is just a smidge too small.  I WILL rock this dress in less than two months, and I WILL be slimmer and toner. Let the journey begin...


  • New Year's Resolution Time Again

    Well it's that time of year again, New Year's Resolution time.  We all get excited about a fresh start and losing the weight gained from the constant grazing of the holidays.  I for one have gained at least 3 pounds and that's if I weigh myself naked and first thing in the morning, so it's time to get serious.  What better than some fresh workout gear to get you excited about getting moving again?  I'm thinking a sale might be in order... all in agreeance?  Yes, I thought you'd agree.  So all you ladies looking to start the year off right, I've put everything on the site on sale, yes, EVERYTHING!  Just use the coupon code 2013 and it will take 15% off your entire order {including clearance items}, January 4th-7th!  We've got all the best brands; Enell, CW-X, Kangoo Jumps, Moving Comfort, Shock Absorber, Anita, A Big Attitude, Handful and more.  Happy New Year and happy shopping!

  • Yoga and weight loss: two schools of thought and palpable results

    Everyone has heard about yoga and it is generally assumed to be a widely popular form of exercise, with classes held at nearly every health and fitness center and myriad yoga studios throughout the country, and with a reputation for increasing flexibility and muscle tone.

    Yoga Tops and BottomsThat much is true, as far as it goes, but yoga is vastly more complicated than that. It is a more than 2,000 year old Indian discipline that marries various levels of physical activity and breathing with meditation and spiritual awareness. Yoga is practiced in many forms, or “schools,” each with its own definition and set of goals, and just the study of its history and philosophy can consume a lifetime, much less its practice.

    But a question often asked by potential practitioners is whether or not yoga, besides its other and wide-ranging benefits, is any good for weight loss. The answer is yes, and according to many experts in the field the weight loss can come from the obvious – physical activity – and the not-so-obvious – spiritual awareness. It all depends on the approach, the experts say.

    As mentioned, yoga isn’t just one thing. There are at least 14 main schools of yoga – led by the most famous, at least in the west, Hatha (pronounced “Hat-ta”) – each with many subcategories. They run the gamut from pure exercise – Power Yoga – to pure spiritualism and an eternal relationship with Vishnu – bhakti. Some are ancient and some are more recent developments, and a few have a particularly western bent to meet the needs of pregnant women, Prenatal yoga, or for injury rehabilitation, Restorative yoga. Purists, it should be noted, think some of the western forms of yoga, developed with the American market in mind, lack the meditative and spiritual melding of mind, body and spirit that were at the core of yoga’s origin over two millennia ago.

    On the physical side of the ledger, many forms of yoga are said to offer significant benefits, ranging from flexibility and muscle tone, to stress relief, even lowering blood pressure and heart health. Experts advise that those looking for weight loss from taking up yoga should concentrate on the forms that involve higher levels of physical activity: Power yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga classes among the chief vigorous forms. There is also a school called Bikram, a style that involves practicing in a super-hot sauna room so practitioners sweat profusely, that is said to be good for weight loss as some people believe it can burn off 300 to 600 calories per one-hour class. However, others believe that a Bikram yoga workout results mostly in water-weight loss which is quickly gained back with the intake of fluids. Once again, weight loss really depends on the level of activity that can truly burn calories.

    It is on the spiritual side of the yoga ledger where the idea of weight loss gets a bit trickier.

    Pure yoga, according to its most vociferous adherents, isn’t really an exercise program at all, but rather a discipline of meditation where, through breathing and stretching, a practitioner gets more in touch with their inner self and with the spiritualism extant in the universe. This is a whole Eastern religion sort of thing, where the yoga is a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. Those seeking enlightenment can find many schools of yoga to begin that journey.

    However, there is a spiritual aspect to almost all forms of yoga and many experts believe that yoga’s mental benefits, short of true enlightenment, help people get in better touch with themselves, feel better about themselves, and build more self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of their lives. If one subscribes to the notion that eating is a self-esteem issue – that people who lack confidence or are depressed eat more to fill in the gaps in their lives -- then building self-esteem through the practice of yoga may be beneficial in a weight-loss sense by reducing the cycle of binge eating.

    It should also be noted that many forms of exercise – running, Pilates, regular workouts, etc. – provide some of the same mental benefits. Also, people who take up regular exercise, including yoga, often report that, quite unplanned, they change their diets to a more healthy, balanced regimen of eating that also boosts overall health and promotes weight loss.

    However you approach it, yoga in any of its forms has many benefits, and those people who have entered a yoga class find that it is something they crave more and more all the time. And if you’ve ever looked in on a yoga class, well, those people look pretty trim and happy, so the weight loss and spiritual uplift must be working.

    Free or loose fitting clothing is best for yoga, you need to be able to move freely through the poses and stretches.  At Ladies Only Sports we have a great collection of yoga bottoms and yoga tops that would suit you perfectly for your yoga workout. Give us a ring at 877-567-5239 if you have any further questions about which products would be best suited for you.

  • Women take heart: activity, even moderate, is the best way to heart health

    Conventional wisdom is that men get heart attacks and women don’t. This is neither conventional nor wise, as it is not true. But it is such a compelling bit of “knowledge” that even doctors who would go first to coronary problems with a certain set of symptoms in men will sometimes start somewhere else with their female patients.

    The truth is that coronary heart disease in women is just as prevalent as with men – in fact, since 1984 more women than men have died of heart disease. And while breast cancer – a scourge, no doubt – is the biggest health fear among women, many times more women suffer from and die each year from heart disease.

    The good news is that physical activity – as in exercise – has been shown to be beneficial for women in predicting or lowering the risk of obstructive coronary heart disease. A study published in 2004 in the influential medial journal JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association; 2004; 292[10], 1179-87) showed a significant association between low physical activity and the existence of of potential coronary problems.

    The study examined 908 female patients who had chest pains, suggested narrowing of the arteries, or both. They were measured for weight – normal, overweight or obese – and each patient’s BMI, body mass index, was measured. While the group tended to be overweight (76%), the researchers could find no difference based on weight category in the presence or severity of heart disease. They did, however, detect a difference: women who were active, even moderately so, had a lower risk of adverse cardiovascular events.

    This is not to suggest that being overweight, or indeed obese, is okay as long as a woman stays active. The same markers that lead to heart attack in men – obesity, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking the leading ones – are true for women. In fact, after years of pointing out gender differences as it relates to heart disease, more recent studies suggest more similarities between men and women.

    There are some differences, of course. Heart disease is more prevalent in young men than in young women, and many in the health community believe that the presence of estrogen helps in the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) and an increase in HDL (good cholesterol). But by age 65 and post-menopause women catch up and the risks are essentially the same. There is even research that suggests that hormone replacement therapy, recommended by many for menopausal and post-menopause women, provides no cardiac protection for this age group. While beneficial for other reasons, many believe, studies by the National Institutes of Health suggest that post-menopausal women should not take estrogen or other hormones as a heart therapy.

    Here at Ladies Only Sports we’re not doctors and we recommend that women consult with their own physicians about their heart health. On the other hand we are exercise and activity enthusiasts and take heart in studies that suggest that a regular routine of exercise, even in moderation, is good for the heart. And besides, it’s good for so many other things, like overall fitness, performance, endurance, and simply well-being, and there’s no harm in that. We do caution, however, that before engaging in strenuous physical activity that every woman should consult her doctor.

    So, of course, during that activity every woman wants to dress the part in workout apparel that works hard and flatters the figure. You’ll find all of that and more at Ladies Only Sports. Call 1-877-567-5239 for complete details.

  • Top Five Tips to Curb Food Cravings

    We all get hunger pangs and crave way too much of a bad thing from time to time, so the object is to find ways to lessen the impact and stay healthy

    CHOCOLATE, that word alone gets a lot of women’s attention, in fact for many women too much attention. Or maybe it’s potato chips, or a white chocolate mocha…   All of us (and least everyone I know) have cravings from time to time or sometimes all the time.  How do we curb these cravings without depriving ourselves?  For me chocolate soothes my soul.  It makes me feel happy, I know the endorphins are firing on all cylinders when I’m enjoying anything chocolate.  But here’s what I’ve found… I can make better choices and still be satisfied.

    Food cravings come in all forms and fashions and – for the most part – represent something that should be curbed, if not for basic health reasons then for weight loss as a path to skinnier jeans. There are ways to beat the cravings, though, and we at Ladies Only Sports searched high and low for the Top Five Tips to Curb Food Cravings.

    Before we get to the tips, however, we’ll take a closer look at cravings themselves. First, hunger pangs are not necessarily bad food cravings. Our bodies are wonderful machines that actually crave some essentials from time to time. A craving for sugar, for instance, might be sign that blood glucose levels are low and the body needs a lift. A desire for meat could be a protein deficiency, and a taste for salt may simply be a need for more calcium. Or, you could actually be hungry which is, after all, a natural process. These types of things fall under the heading of physiological cravings, the body sending out signals that it needs some nutrition. You can’t starve, for goodness sake, so we’ve got to pay attention to these cravings.

    The trouble is that the body wants what the body wants. If you’re overweight, for example, the body gets used to a certain amount of fat and so craves it at a level that won’t foster weight loss or even better health. You need nutrition from food, you’ve got to fuel yourself, so the challenge is getting the right kind of fuel.

    Then there’s the other kind of craving, psychological craving, that’s right girl, comfort food.  We all have them, and for me the list is long (and tasty), but I know they can be really counter-productive. I could make a really good convincing argument to eat these comfort foods on a daily basis, but I still know the outcome and that in the end they are all just excusing to continue on the path of bad habits. The triggers for psychological cravings can be emotional, habitual, hormonal and often times really strong! This is typically the type of craving that sends someone to the fridge, freezer or cookie jar in search for a little “feel good treat”, the problem with that is most of us want to feel really good, so that leads to eating in excess.  Here in lies the real problem.

    There are a variety of studies that show that virtually 100% of women (shocking, I know) and as much as 70% of men have food cravings from time to time. The object is to not give in to the wrong kind of eating, and these Five Tips to Curb Food Cravings should help:

    1)      Eat a healthier, balanced diet. Sounds simple, but getting all the basics in a normal healthy diet will in and of itself curb hunger. The body needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber – the essentials.  All of these can and should be acquired through a proper diet, so have a variety of foods each day from each of the four major food groups: 1), breads and cereals; 2) vegetables and fruits; 3), milk and dairy products or milk substitutes (as low-fat as possible); and, 4), lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts or meat substitutes.

    2)      Eat more often. There is quite a bit of time between the standard meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if a person gets really hungry there is a tendency to overeat at the next meal or to load up on something less healthy, like French fries with a ton of saturated fat (a major no-no). So snack a little mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and even mid-evening – try a few almonds, a granola bar, apple slices, or some vegetables. They will satisfy the hunger with far fewer calories than junk and keep your appetite in check at mealtime.

    3)      Drink more water. Drink water until you feel like you will float away! Odd as it may seem, water is a great appetite suppressor almost immediately, and staying fully hydrated will actually cut cravings. Nutritionists agree that a dehydrated person often craves more sweets, or salt or even fatty foods, so simply drinking water will go a long way in curbing cravings. Drink a nice, 8-oz. glass of water every hour.  And drinking cold water burns more calories!

    4)      Stay away from the object of the obsession. In other words, don’t buy junk food. If it’s not in the cupboard or the frig, it’s less likely you will make the trip to the store. When the pang hits, eat a piece of fruit or some nuts.  My personal favorite now is frozen banana slices that have been dipped in dark chocolate (yes, I said it, chocolate, but at least it’s dark chocolate), and one little dark chocolate banana bite is enough to satisfy me.

    5)      There are tons of people who report they get cravings from stress and boredom, so the real issue is to deal with the stress and boredom in other ways than giving into food cravings. Phone a friend, or get out and get some exercise.  We all know that you feel better when you get moving and it’s even better if you have a girlfriend to get moving along with you.  If you follow the first four tips listed here, your body will be in better shape to handle whatever stresses life dishes out, but when stress or boredom set in talking with a trusted friend could easily alleviate the root cause and take the place of cravings.

    And just so you know; since most everyone, particularly women, have food cravings it’s okay to indulge once in a while. Just make simple “do-able” changes.  Switch to dark chocolate, or to low-fat frozen yogurt, or allow yourself one day a week to indulge, find what works for you. Willpower is just that—powerful; exert some willpower and it will pay off in the end, you will look better, feel better, and that will be the reward in the end.

    For all of your exercise and athletic apparel needs – sports bras, workout tops, bottoms, and related gear – look no further than Ladies Only Sports, the online specialty boutique devoted to fashionable, feminine sports clothes.

  • Exercise A Little Control and New Year’s Resolutions Come Just A Bit Easier

    Resolved: This year I am going to exercise more, get fit, lose weight, get back into my favorite skinny jeans, be the most amazing person at my high school reunion, prove my mother wrong, really irritate my sister, wow my husband, inundate my seamstress with alterations or buy a new wardrobe, and otherwise become a new me.

    A lot of women go through pretty much this same type of New Year’s Resolution at this time of year, and they plan for it by putting cute workout clothes on their Christmas List or by shopping for their own exercise attire as the calendar for the old year runs out and the new possibilities of 2012 seem doable.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. In fact, here at Ladies Only Sports we’re really in to helping women become the “new me” or simply staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. We are all for fitness, and we do of course sell the sports bras, tops, bottoms, and gear that not only are meant for athletic pursuits, but fairly cry out and demand that fitness happen.

    But we’re realists too: we understand how hard it is to keep a resolution and stay on track for more than a short period of time on that goal of getting more fit. We’re here to help.

    We looked up some background information on New Year’s Resolutions and were very astonished at some of the numbers. Seems that only about 44% of Americans even bother anymore making a New Year’s Resolution, and only some 8% of the resolvers actually stick to the resolution throughout the year. And this doesn’t count the people who resolve each year never to make New Year’s Resolutions (then again, maybe it does).

    There are the obvious things on the list of what the resolutions concern – quitting smoking, quitting drinking, spending more time with family, etc. – but study after study show that ranking very high on the list of the most resolved is a) weight loss, or b) exercise more. Indeed, 38% of resolvers address weight loss in their forward-looking plans.

    Also these studies show that the younger you are, the better chance you have of achieving resolution results, and that less than 15% of people over 50 years of age meet their resolute objectives. On the plus side, depending on where you fall on being a resolver or not, all the studies show that people who make and/or achieve resolutions are absolutely no more happy than those who don’t bother or are unsuccessful.

    And on the front of resolving to exercise more or to lose weight or both, you probably already know that January is the busiest month of the year for people to join gyms and health clubs. Interestingly enough, there’s about a 20% to 30% dropout rate after three months of gym membership, studies say, and that ultimately some 67% of the members don’t use the facilities – ever. And just so you know, women make up slightly more than half – 52% -- of gym/health club memberships.

    Here at Ladies Only Sports we want more women to resolve to be fitter, and we want as many of them as possible to achieve their goals. So here are a few ideas to help:

    Set realistic goals. Rather than say “I will lose 50 pounds” or whatever, resolve instead to shed a couple of pounds each week or each measurable period – a much more realistic target. In other words, take baby steps that are achievable rather than staring high expectations in the face.

    Find an exercise routine that works. One of the biggest reasons that people start and then quickly stop exercise programs is that they set their sights too high. If you don’t think you make it to the club every morning or even every other morning for an hour, don’t resolve to do so. The object of exercise, especially if you’re a relative newbie, is not to kill yourself, but rather repetition: going for a daily 40-minute brisk walk, or doing a half-hour to a workout tape in front of the TV will bring results.

    Get a friend -- or two. There is always strength in numbers. If you set your sights on walking or running at the park, or going to the club for a spinning class or elliptical workout, having a workout buddy helps. You can share the driving, talk, push each other, and subtly guilt the other one into not blowing off a day or two.

    Read up. There are plenty of resources available for both weight loss and exercise regimes – which often go hand-in-hand but are not necessarily linked – that help in setting goals and measuring success. Many fitness instructors believe that those who are more informed are more apt to participate and stay involved.

    Think about diet. Obviously, if weight loss is a goal you’re thinking about a diet, but thinking about diet is different. Many people who begin exercise programs report that their diets change naturally, that they crave healthier foods like vegetables, don’t crave so many sweets and snacks, and that their caloric intake at meals goes down – their appetite is suppressed – without hunger pangs. Dieting and a healthy diet are quite different animals.

    The problem with most New Year’s Resolutions is that they go too far, that they drastically alter a lifestyle and are therefore unsustainable. On the other hand, many women find that once they start small – to walk every other day or to spin three times a week – that it doesn’t really disrupt their lives, and then, over time, they just naturally increase their efforts. It is difficult to incorporate a huge change in one’s life all at once, but gradually the result is the same with very little cataclysmic alterations.

    So there you have it. Resolve to change. Slowly.

    And have a Happy New Year!, in its 11th year of operation, is a family-owned business and features functional and flattering athletic apparel for women, such as sports bras, tops, bottoms, plus sizes, socks, headbands, power gloves, and dancewear. In addition the website features products like Kangoo Jumps rebounding boots, sport-themed jewelry, heart rate monitors and pedometers, packs, water bottles, ear buds, and safety gear like pepper spray anti-chafe cream. The website ships orders Monday through Friday with a variety of shipping options through the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx, including international shipping through USPS.

    For complete information on call toll-free at 877-567-5239 or local in the Denver metro area at 303-805-4448.


    Now that you have figured out your size you’ll want to decide if you want compression or encapsulation.  It really depends on the activity and your cup size.

    Throughout our site we try our best to state what type of activity each particular sports bra is good for.  Some are better for low-impact, yoga, or walking.  Others are designed for high impact, wide range of motion activities such as Kangoo Jumps, boot camp or running.

    Compression is just as it sounds, keeps the girls tucked in by being tight.  This is usually a pullover the head style and is typically measured in small, medium, and large.  Works great for A & B cups.

    Encapsulation separates and encapsulates each breast.  Goodbye uni-boob, a big plus in my book...  This is a great option for larger busted women, C-cup and up.  This style usually has front or back fasteners and often times a strap adjustment as well.

    Once you’ve decided on the structure of support here’s a few more things to consider to make sure the bra is right for you…

    Moisture wicking fabrics are always a plus; they will pull the moisture away from your body keeping you feeling a bit less soggy.  Sweating is good, in fact, it is the objective here, but it feels better when your bra is not soaking.

    Generally speaking the less seams the better.  Most manufacturers have thought through this issue quite well.  To have support you have to have seams, so there will be seams.  But well thought out seams are what we are going for, ones that won’t chafe you or cause irritation.

    The band and straps should be snug, but you should still be able to slide your finger in between the material and the skin.

    Lastly, give the bra the jump test; make sure it really works for what activity level you need it to.


    Okay, now whatcha waiting for?  Start shopping… LINK HERE TO BRA PAGE

  • Five Health and Wellness Tips to Stick to This Summer

    This summer, enjoy your lazy summer days, but don't forget to take care of yourself.

    Exercise three times a week. Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Go for a hike or take the hound out for a walk.  See your kids out enjoying the beautiful weather, join them! Try to get in atleast thirty minutes to an hour of exercise three times a week.

    Eat healthier snacks. Summer means an awesome variety of fruits and vegtables, nosh on them instead of something salty. If you need something with a little crunch try the yummy crackers made from nuts now, dip them in a little hummus, yum!  And who is not thankful that frozen yogurt is back and all the rage!  And this is not the frozen yogurt of the 80's, this is new and improved and delish! And, even better, it's much lower in calories than ice cream, and in my opinion even tastier.

    Drink more water. The amount of water you should drink each day depends on your weight, activity level, and the climate where you live. But since most of us don’t drink the water we should drink, it’s safe to say that drinking more water daily will improve your health. Once you are hydrated you will notice that your skin looks better, you have more energy, and that you can manage your weight easier, too.  I keep it in the fridge already chilled with a bit of fruit in it (a little trick I stole from a shi-shi spa I was at) to a bit of flavor.

    Cut back on caffeine. Caffeine will interfere with your sleep patterns and energy levels. Too much caffeine can also contribute to high blood pressure and other serious health problems. The Mayo Clinic says you shouldn’t drink more than 200-300 mg of caffeine a day—that’s two-four cups of coffee a day.

    Walk more. It’s basic, but walking can improve your cardio-respiratory fitness and physical functioning. According to, walking has shown to not only have a positive effect on your fitness, but on your brain as well. Walking is a great way to wind down or think things over. At the very minimum, try to walk briskly for either 10 minutes each day or 30 minutes three days a week.




  • Getting Fit After Having a Baby

    Just like your body changes shape over the course of nine months, it can take nine months or longer to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Remember, getting fit after having a baby is not only a matter of losing weight, but also a matter of toning muscles.

    A proper exercise routine will allow you to do both. The first step? Make time for exercise.

    One quick note before we get into the post-baby exercise routine. Even though you may be eager to start getting fit immediately, wait until your doctor says it’s okay. Usually your doctor will give the green light at your six-week check-up.

    Remember to wear a good bra, breast are bigger (and heavier) than usual right now, especially if nursing, and you want to have good support so that you do not damage your breast tissue.  We have a great assortment of sports bras that will give you the support that you need.

    Aerobic exercises

    Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and helps you to shed the pounds. While swimming, cycling, and dancing are great aerobic exercises, these can be difficult to work in around taking care of a new baby. Look for a gym that offers onsite childcare.

    If that doesn’t work for you, then try jogging. A 30-minute walk/run can be an activity that both you and baby enjoy with a jogging stroller.

    If the weather is too cold or it’s raining, you can still get out of the house for a brisk walk. Most local malls offer walking hours before the stores open, and many gyms have indoor walking/jogging tracks.

    Everyone (whether you’ve recently had a baby or not) should exercise for 30 minutes on most days. So grab a friend to come along with you. Not every day should be high-impact aerobics, but you should get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

    Toning exercises

    Since pregnancy weight tends to land on your stomach and hips, you may want to start with simple exercises that specifically work these areas.

    Crunches – Lie on the floor on your back, with knees bent, and look forward. Curl only your shoulders and head up off the floor, pulling in abdominal muscles, and exhaling out as you come up. Then lower yourself back down to floor, breathing in. Repeat five times, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    Crunches with twist – Lie on the floor on your back, with knees bent, exhaling as you come up, lift head and shoulders up, stretch your right hand across to your left knee, and then switch to your left side. Repeat five times on each side, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    Leg lifts – Stand up straight with a chair in front of you. Bend your knees slightly and extend one leg out behind you. Lift and lower your leg keeping your stomach tucked in. Then switch to other side. Repeat five times with each leg, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    While longer workouts may help you see results quicker, it’s better to start slowly and increase the time you exercise gradually. Consistently making time for exercise will get you results and back to your pre-pregnancy shape!

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