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  • Products Made by Women for Women

    As a female owned company at Ladies Only Sports we not only hand pick every product we carry, test it {one of the perks of being in the biz} but we also pride ourselves on carrying product made by other female owned companies. You can always tell when something has been designed by a woman; it fits the curves, has give in the right places, and has function along with fashion. After all, women know the female body the best. Some of our best sellers are products from female owned manufacturers…
    The Handful Bra was created by a fitness enthusiast, Jennifer Ferguson, in Portland, Oregon. Jennifer was an exercise instructor who had searched in vain for years for the perfect sports bra before she finally deciding to develop one herself. Turned out to be a good move, Handful is one of our more popular sports bras {and soon to be tanks} here at LOS. The Handful Bra is even an approved mastectomy bra, supporting breast cancer survivors during treatment and their return to good health and fitness. Check out our Handful selection at LOS.
    Enell Sports Bras were developed by Renelle Braaten out of her own frustration as well. As a well-endowed {self described} woman and avid volleyball player she found the only way she could get support was by wearing two bras. Not comfortable or practical. With the help of her mother’s sewing abilities they came up with what is now the perfect bra for busty women. Oprah of course blew the top off the place when she declared the Enell Sports bra one of her favorite things. For busty gals there is no other like the Enell to hold the girls in place.

    Smarty Pants, the underwear for active women, is a great alternative to thongs or panties. If you are tired of wedgies or the damage a thong can do to the lady bits then Smarty Pants is a perfect solution. Developed by Korrine Fitz, Smarty Pants is a bike short type design of a thin technical fabric that can be worn under any sports garment {or any garment for that matter}, it doesn’t ride up and eliminates the dreaded pantyline.
    Skirt Sports, was started by triathlete Nicole DeBoom, who wanted to compete in something that looked feminine, but still had all the function of a sport short. With that Skirt Sports was born in 2003. Nicole was the first to bring skirts to the sports apparel industry. Now many athletes are donning her brilliant designs, many of which are outfitted with a compression type short beneath the skirt. Styles range from a sports dress, golf regulation length skirt, gym skirt, and even a skirt with capris beneath it. And did I mention they are out of Boulder? Everything to come out of Boulder is cool, right?

    Katie Kozloff came up with the idea for Taffy while she was working as a personal trainer at a local Philadelphia gym. She noticed that the larger women that frequented the gym were wearing baggy t-shirts and unflattering sweatpants to work out. Katie did some research and found there are some options for workout clothing for plus-size women, but much of what was available was not stylish, flattering or attractive. Katie realized there was a need for stylish activewear for curvier women. As a result, Katie created Taffy, a new line of yoga and activewear designed specifically for women size 14 – 24. Katie’s goal is to help plus-size women feel confident about the way they look in activewear, so that whatever their goal, they will lead healthier, more active lives. All Taffy pieces are cut to fit and flatter curvier shapes, and are super comfortable, yet hold their shape.
    Cynthia Tivers was a visionary for plus size women’s clothing. She realized that women that were larger than size 12 still wanted the support of fashionable, high quality, form fitting clothes to work out in. Cynthia realized that by making clothes that made plus size women comfortable and confident it would give them the emotional boost they needed to look good while they reached their health and fitness goals. And thus A Big Attitude, or ABA as we refer to them, was born. Now it's more than a dozen years later and A Big Attitude clothing has proven its value in the spotlight. A Big Attitude has been supplying apparel for the contestants on NBC’s hit show THE BIGGEST LOSER for years now, a show that helps people all over the country aspire for a healthier lifestyle. At LOS we carry a wide range of ABA products that can help you attain your fitness goal.
    We know you have choices in where to buy your fitness wear, but know that when you shop at Ladies Only Sports we are a boutique that has truly tested and hand-picked each and every product on our website. And given the choice we always choose a small, or female owned companies over a mass manufacturer to supply us our exceptional goods. We do love a little bit of girl power!

  • Exercise A Little Control and New Year’s Resolutions Come Just A Bit Easier

    Resolved: This year I am going to exercise more, get fit, lose weight, get back into my favorite skinny jeans, be the most amazing person at my high school reunion, prove my mother wrong, really irritate my sister, wow my husband, inundate my seamstress with alterations or buy a new wardrobe, and otherwise become a new me.

    A lot of women go through pretty much this same type of New Year’s Resolution at this time of year, and they plan for it by putting cute workout clothes on their Christmas List or by shopping for their own exercise attire as the calendar for the old year runs out and the new possibilities of 2012 seem doable.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. In fact, here at Ladies Only Sports we’re really in to helping women become the “new me” or simply staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. We are all for fitness, and we do of course sell the sports bras, tops, bottoms, and gear that not only are meant for athletic pursuits, but fairly cry out and demand that fitness happen.

    But we’re realists too: we understand how hard it is to keep a resolution and stay on track for more than a short period of time on that goal of getting more fit. We’re here to help.

    We looked up some background information on New Year’s Resolutions and were very astonished at some of the numbers. Seems that only about 44% of Americans even bother anymore making a New Year’s Resolution, and only some 8% of the resolvers actually stick to the resolution throughout the year. And this doesn’t count the people who resolve each year never to make New Year’s Resolutions (then again, maybe it does).

    There are the obvious things on the list of what the resolutions concern – quitting smoking, quitting drinking, spending more time with family, etc. – but study after study show that ranking very high on the list of the most resolved is a) weight loss, or b) exercise more. Indeed, 38% of resolvers address weight loss in their forward-looking plans.

    Also these studies show that the younger you are, the better chance you have of achieving resolution results, and that less than 15% of people over 50 years of age meet their resolute objectives. On the plus side, depending on where you fall on being a resolver or not, all the studies show that people who make and/or achieve resolutions are absolutely no more happy than those who don’t bother or are unsuccessful.

    And on the front of resolving to exercise more or to lose weight or both, you probably already know that January is the busiest month of the year for people to join gyms and health clubs. Interestingly enough, there’s about a 20% to 30% dropout rate after three months of gym membership, studies say, and that ultimately some 67% of the members don’t use the facilities – ever. And just so you know, women make up slightly more than half – 52% -- of gym/health club memberships.

    Here at Ladies Only Sports we want more women to resolve to be fitter, and we want as many of them as possible to achieve their goals. So here are a few ideas to help:

    Set realistic goals. Rather than say “I will lose 50 pounds” or whatever, resolve instead to shed a couple of pounds each week or each measurable period – a much more realistic target. In other words, take baby steps that are achievable rather than staring high expectations in the face.

    Find an exercise routine that works. One of the biggest reasons that people start and then quickly stop exercise programs is that they set their sights too high. If you don’t think you make it to the club every morning or even every other morning for an hour, don’t resolve to do so. The object of exercise, especially if you’re a relative newbie, is not to kill yourself, but rather repetition: going for a daily 40-minute brisk walk, or doing a half-hour to a workout tape in front of the TV will bring results.

    Get a friend -- or two. There is always strength in numbers. If you set your sights on walking or running at the park, or going to the club for a spinning class or elliptical workout, having a workout buddy helps. You can share the driving, talk, push each other, and subtly guilt the other one into not blowing off a day or two.

    Read up. There are plenty of resources available for both weight loss and exercise regimes – which often go hand-in-hand but are not necessarily linked – that help in setting goals and measuring success. Many fitness instructors believe that those who are more informed are more apt to participate and stay involved.

    Think about diet. Obviously, if weight loss is a goal you’re thinking about a diet, but thinking about diet is different. Many people who begin exercise programs report that their diets change naturally, that they crave healthier foods like vegetables, don’t crave so many sweets and snacks, and that their caloric intake at meals goes down – their appetite is suppressed – without hunger pangs. Dieting and a healthy diet are quite different animals.

    The problem with most New Year’s Resolutions is that they go too far, that they drastically alter a lifestyle and are therefore unsustainable. On the other hand, many women find that once they start small – to walk every other day or to spin three times a week – that it doesn’t really disrupt their lives, and then, over time, they just naturally increase their efforts. It is difficult to incorporate a huge change in one’s life all at once, but gradually the result is the same with very little cataclysmic alterations.

    So there you have it. Resolve to change. Slowly.

    And have a Happy New Year!, in its 11th year of operation, is a family-owned business and features functional and flattering athletic apparel for women, such as sports bras, tops, bottoms, plus sizes, socks, headbands, power gloves, and dancewear. In addition the website features products like Kangoo Jumps rebounding boots, sport-themed jewelry, heart rate monitors and pedometers, packs, water bottles, ear buds, and safety gear like pepper spray anti-chafe cream. The website ships orders Monday through Friday with a variety of shipping options through the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx, including international shipping through USPS.

    For complete information on call toll-free at 877-567-5239 or local in the Denver metro area at 303-805-4448.


    Now that you have figured out your size you’ll want to decide if you want compression or encapsulation.  It really depends on the activity and your cup size.

    Throughout our site we try our best to state what type of activity each particular sports bra is good for.  Some are better for low-impact, yoga, or walking.  Others are designed for high impact, wide range of motion activities such as Kangoo Jumps, boot camp or running.

    Compression is just as it sounds, keeps the girls tucked in by being tight.  This is usually a pullover the head style and is typically measured in small, medium, and large.  Works great for A & B cups.

    Encapsulation separates and encapsulates each breast.  Goodbye uni-boob, a big plus in my book...  This is a great option for larger busted women, C-cup and up.  This style usually has front or back fasteners and often times a strap adjustment as well.

    Once you’ve decided on the structure of support here’s a few more things to consider to make sure the bra is right for you…

    Moisture wicking fabrics are always a plus; they will pull the moisture away from your body keeping you feeling a bit less soggy.  Sweating is good, in fact, it is the objective here, but it feels better when your bra is not soaking.

    Generally speaking the less seams the better.  Most manufacturers have thought through this issue quite well.  To have support you have to have seams, so there will be seams.  But well thought out seams are what we are going for, ones that won’t chafe you or cause irritation.

    The band and straps should be snug, but you should still be able to slide your finger in between the material and the skin.

    Lastly, give the bra the jump test; make sure it really works for what activity level you need it to.


    Okay, now whatcha waiting for?  Start shopping… LINK HERE TO BRA PAGE

  • Sizing up the Ta-ta’s

    Some women would rather go to the dentist than shop for a sports bra.  They rack it right up there with bathing suit shopping on the list of dreaded activities.  While I’ve heard that 70-80% of women wear the wrong size sports bra (I was one of them for awhile) I’m here to tell you that if done right, you can find a sports bra that suits you, your curves, and your activity level.

    It is not rocket science, but it does require a tiny bit of math to figure out your proper cup size and band width.  Once I walked into Victoria’s Secret to find a bra and to my amazement the gal working on the floor looked me up and down and pronounced my size without a measuring tape in sight.  How she did this I have no idea, because it was not the number I had been familiar with.  However, she was right.  Almost every bra she gave me fit, to my total amazement.  I am going to chalk that up to years of experience and just be grateful that I strolled in on her shift.  But you too can find out your correct bra size with a soft measuring tape and a pencil and paper.

    1. First, with good posture, and a typical everyday bra on (not a padded one or a sports bra) measure the fullest part of the bust.  Round up to the nearest inch. Let’s say you got a 37.5”, we are going to round that up to 38”and write that number down.


    1. Next find your band size, this is the measurement at the base of the bra around your ribcage. Take this number and add 3 inches to it. If you end up with an odd number bump it up one to the next even number.  For example if you got a 30” measurement, add 3”, which gets you to 33” plus 1” to get it to an even number.  Your band size would be 34”, jot this number down.


    1. Now to calculate the cup size. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement and with that difference use this chart to find your cup size.  So, if you were a 34” band size you will subtract 38-34=4” difference, which make you a D cup.
    Difference Cup Size
    1” A
    2” B
    3” C
    4” D
    5” E
    6” F
    7” G


    Please note that every manufacturer varies a bit in size, it is always a good idea to double check that manufacturers (especially Enell) size chart to be sure you are ordering correctly. Whatever your size, we’ve got a sports bra that will fit!



  • Getting Fit After Having a Baby

    Just like your body changes shape over the course of nine months, it can take nine months or longer to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Remember, getting fit after having a baby is not only a matter of losing weight, but also a matter of toning muscles.

    A proper exercise routine will allow you to do both. The first step? Make time for exercise.

    One quick note before we get into the post-baby exercise routine. Even though you may be eager to start getting fit immediately, wait until your doctor says it’s okay. Usually your doctor will give the green light at your six-week check-up.

    Remember to wear a good bra, breast are bigger (and heavier) than usual right now, especially if nursing, and you want to have good support so that you do not damage your breast tissue.  We have a great assortment of sports bras that will give you the support that you need.

    Aerobic exercises

    Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and helps you to shed the pounds. While swimming, cycling, and dancing are great aerobic exercises, these can be difficult to work in around taking care of a new baby. Look for a gym that offers onsite childcare.

    If that doesn’t work for you, then try jogging. A 30-minute walk/run can be an activity that both you and baby enjoy with a jogging stroller.

    If the weather is too cold or it’s raining, you can still get out of the house for a brisk walk. Most local malls offer walking hours before the stores open, and many gyms have indoor walking/jogging tracks.

    Everyone (whether you’ve recently had a baby or not) should exercise for 30 minutes on most days. So grab a friend to come along with you. Not every day should be high-impact aerobics, but you should get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

    Toning exercises

    Since pregnancy weight tends to land on your stomach and hips, you may want to start with simple exercises that specifically work these areas.

    Crunches – Lie on the floor on your back, with knees bent, and look forward. Curl only your shoulders and head up off the floor, pulling in abdominal muscles, and exhaling out as you come up. Then lower yourself back down to floor, breathing in. Repeat five times, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    Crunches with twist – Lie on the floor on your back, with knees bent, exhaling as you come up, lift head and shoulders up, stretch your right hand across to your left knee, and then switch to your left side. Repeat five times on each side, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    Leg lifts – Stand up straight with a chair in front of you. Bend your knees slightly and extend one leg out behind you. Lift and lower your leg keeping your stomach tucked in. Then switch to other side. Repeat five times with each leg, increasing the number as you get stronger.

    While longer workouts may help you see results quicker, it’s better to start slowly and increase the time you exercise gradually. Consistently making time for exercise will get you results and back to your pre-pregnancy shape!

  • Your First Marathon... Get Set, Go!

    A marathon is about 52,400 foot strokes, which is about 26.2 miles. If that number doesn’t scare you, then it’s time to get serious about marathon training. Here’s what you need to know.

    Build up the mileage you run

    It is advisable to put in at least 20 miles per week for several months before you officially start marathon training. Your body needs time to adapt to the demands you’ll put on it. During this time, you should run at least 10 miles a week on pavement, as that is what you’ll most likely be running on during a marathon.

    Getting started

    1. Even if you've already been running, let your doctor know your plans.

    2. Finding the right running shoes is one of the most important first steps in marathon training. Buying running shoes that suit your running style, foot type, and experience will help you run comfortably and stay injury-free.

    3. Finding the right sports bra will prevent back and shoulder pain as well as chafing and other skin irritations.

    4. Make sure you practice running in different types of weather and terrain. Be ready for anything!

    Basic marathon training

    As mentioned, you should be running 15-20 miles per week at this point. Basic marathon training schedules advise that you alternate rest days with days of moderate-paced running, slow distance runs, and cross-training activities.

    Make sure that you allow time for warming up and cooling down. Both warm up and cool down should include stretching.

    Nutrition and hydration

    When you begin a run, you should feel neither starved nor stuffed. It is best to eat a light snack or meal about 1.5-2 hours before you start running. Choose something high in carbohydrates to keep you sustained.

    Add your personality

    Personality on the course is all the rage these days... Once you've done all the training and hard work your ready to have some fun on the big day.  Get outfitted in style at Ladies Only Sports.  We've got all you'll need to look like a smokin' hot babe out there on the course... the best sports bras around, Sweaty Bands to keep your hair out of the way, running socks, shorts, bright colored tops, we've even got the Yurbud headphones that will not come out while your running.  You go girl!

  • Shock Absorber Sports Bra Voted the BEST!

    Shock Absorber B4490The Shock Absorber sports bra was voted  "Best Sports Bra of 2010" by Womens' Fitness Magazine!  This bra is a scientifically-designed sports bra, is now available for purchase online at Ladies Only Sports. It will keep your girls locked and loaded for the duration of your workout!

    This bra is made for both comfort and functionality. We all exercise differently and every activity puts different strains on the body. For example, yoga requires different physical movements and strains on your body than does jogging or racket ball. Proper support from a sports bra for every level of activity is necessary as it can maintain the structure of the tissues in your breasts from stretching beyond repair.

    The Shock Absorber Sports Bra is unlike others in that it was created to fit any woman of any size and support her in any level of activity. It’s designed with padded straps, high performance fabrics, and wireless cups. Its high-performance fabrics function to keep you cool when your body temperature is rising during a workout. There are three factors taken into consideration for each bra’s form—cup size, back size, and activity level.

    The creators of this sports bra aim to achieve ultimate support for each woman in their individual sport or activity. With this goal in mind, they have studied the movements of the breasts and worked with lingerie experts to adjust the support of the Shock Absorber Sports Bra accordingly.

    The results of the scientific studies showed that wearing the bra reduced bounce up to 74%, which is almost twice that of a normal bra. The Shock Absorber Sports Bra is great for ladies of many shapes and sizes.

    Use coupon code WAHOO to save $6.90 on this bra!



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