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  • Fashion takes hold in fitness – the return of the skirt for the feminine workout

    It's not just Gucci who's color blocking. Color blocking is trending to running wear. Color blocking’s bold colors—two or three broad bands of color—take the challenge out of keeping a feminine look while working up a sweat. In athletic wear, color blocking must maintain its low-maintenance features including straight-out-of-the-dryer ease. When a woman looks good and feels good, she’s at her best. Our top pick for spring is the pop of pink the Touring Skirt by Lole  paired with the Super Cute & Stylish Stamina Tank.

    Did we say skirt? Absolutely. As we approach the summer months, women everywhere are turning up the heat on their wardrobe and their workouts to include sport skirts. Ladies Only Sports outfits women of all sizes in workout wear including workout skirts and dresses by the brand Skirt Sports, the pioneer of feminine workout wear. Skirt Sports was born in 2004 when professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom won an Ironman wearing a homemade skirt. From there she set out to create a business of weaving fashion and performance into one flattering workout skirt style. DeBoom is on a mission to banish the boyish look and, "inspire the whole world to convert to the skirt."

    Wicking is the buzzword in workout wear—for good reason. Fabric that wicks away sweat instead of causing the material to cling and stay damp makes your exercise routine more comfortable. And it’s better for your skin. When sweat is trapped up against the skin, blemishes are significantly more likely to break out. Wearing outfits that wick allows your skin to breath. Ladies Only Sports carries a variety of sports bras, camis, T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris and skirts.

    The modern woman has things to do and places to be. There’s no time for a full wardrobe change between errand and elliptical{or as some of us like to say Core Power to happy hour.} Our reports indicate an increase in street wear-inspired threads in the gym. The Lole line is especially versatile.  Tuck your essential away with the Shadow Pack by Nathan, the lightweight waist pack that has just enough room for a cell phone, ID, credit card and a lip balm.

    Just for fun, Ladies Only Sport added whimsical runner charms to our arsenal of accessories. Styles include plenty of sterling silver 26.2’s and 13.1’s as well as the "Run like a girl" and "Will run for cupcakes" charms. This could be exactly what your necklace has been missing: the spring bling with a sporty attitude.

    Gather your girls, slip on a sporty skirt and pop into the Zumba studio, and by the time the endorphins kick in you'll forget if your out on the town or busy burning calories.

    Ladies Only Sports is the source for sports bras, tops, bottoms, gear – and, of course, workout fashion for the active woman.

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