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  • Kangoo Crazy

    So, my sister turned me on to these things, and I cannot get enough of them, I LOVE them!  They are addictively fun! I find myself looking forward to working out, which to be honest is quite an oddity for me.  The more research I did, the more I found how good rebounding is for the body, the more I wanted to spread the word.  I have not been blessed with good joints, if I were to jog before (which was rarely) my knees and ankle would ache for sometimes days before I could feel normal again.  When I do the very same jog in the Kangoo Jumps® I have no pain in my joints whatsoever.  Initially I bought two pairs, one for me and one for whoever wanted to go “Kangoo-ing” with me.  I became very popular!  Everywhere I went people stared in amazement, gawked at my almost avatar height, and were just generally curious.  Everytime I offered up my spare pair and people gave them a go they wanted a pair. So, give the people what they want… they are now available at Ladies Only Sports

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  • Five Health and Wellness Tips to Stick to This Summer

    This summer, enjoy your lazy summer days, but don't forget to take care of yourself.

    Exercise three times a week. Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Go for a hike or take the hound out for a walk.  See your kids out enjoying the beautiful weather, join them! Try to get in atleast thirty minutes to an hour of exercise three times a week.

    Eat healthier snacks. Summer means an awesome variety of fruits and vegtables, nosh on them instead of something salty. If you need something with a little crunch try the yummy crackers made from nuts now, dip them in a little hummus, yum!  And who is not thankful that frozen yogurt is back and all the rage!  And this is not the frozen yogurt of the 80's, this is new and improved and delish! And, even better, it's much lower in calories than ice cream, and in my opinion even tastier.

    Drink more water. The amount of water you should drink each day depends on your weight, activity level, and the climate where you live. But since most of us don’t drink the water we should drink, it’s safe to say that drinking more water daily will improve your health. Once you are hydrated you will notice that your skin looks better, you have more energy, and that you can manage your weight easier, too.  I keep it in the fridge already chilled with a bit of fruit in it (a little trick I stole from a shi-shi spa I was at) to a bit of flavor.

    Cut back on caffeine. Caffeine will interfere with your sleep patterns and energy levels. Too much caffeine can also contribute to high blood pressure and other serious health problems. The Mayo Clinic says you shouldn’t drink more than 200-300 mg of caffeine a day—that’s two-four cups of coffee a day.

    Walk more. It’s basic, but walking can improve your cardio-respiratory fitness and physical functioning. According to, walking has shown to not only have a positive effect on your fitness, but on your brain as well. Walking is a great way to wind down or think things over. At the very minimum, try to walk briskly for either 10 minutes each day or 30 minutes three days a week.




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