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  • Compression wear increases performance and improves recovery

    They are not leg warmers -- they are compression calf sleeves. (Although if you find yourself in a pinch, they are fashionable enough to pass.) The latest leg accessory, compression calf sleeves, is worn to increase performance and recovery during or following a workout.

    The concept behind compression clothing is to apply the greatest amount of pressure in the part of the garment that is farthest from the heart (the ankle) and the least amount of pressure at the point closest to the heart (the calf) to create a pressure gradient across the veins. Blood circulation and blood flow is increased because of faster return of deoxygenated blood to the heart. These calf sleeves are designed at optimal compression level and any sock or sleeve that exceeds this pressure level requires physician supervision.

    Compression clothing greatly reduces concentration of lactic acid in the blood and can increase the wearer’s lactic threshold, which can ultimately lead to improved performance and leg power. Wearing compression calf sleeves also speeds up recovery time and decreases soreness after strenuous workouts.

    Compression socks are ideal for runners, cyclists and triathletes but anyone on their feet can reap the physiological benefits, particularly those who are shifting from a sedentary to active lifestyle.

    The comfort of the leg sleeves is in the breathable wicking fabric that helps the athlete to stay cool and dry as it simultaneously fends off bacteria.

    Famous wearers of the calf sleeves include long distance runner Dane Rauschenberg, triathlete Lincoln Murdoch, seasoned Iron Man Joe Bonness and former American Olympian and author of “Galloway’s Book of Running” Jeff Galloway.

    Zensah, the maker of the innovative, seamless sportswear is named after the Italian word “senza” meaning “without” because Zensah aims to free athletes from limitations through their uninhibited, cutting edge sportswear technology.

    For all of your workout apparel and gear, including a full line of compression wear, contact Ladies Only Sports at 877-567-5239 -- the best source for sports tops, bottoms, sports bras and everything for the active woman.

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