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Well-endowed women athletes now have their own, patented sports bra from Enell

Enell Sports Bra - Ladies Only Sports

When Oprah introduced the Enell Sports Bra on her wildly popular and now widely missed television show, there were many giggles and lighthearted moments as she talked about “taming the girls” when working out.

But, of course, breast bounce, particularly for the well-endowed woman like Oprah, is no laughing matter. All female athletes, but especially those women with larger breasts, understand all too well the discomfort that can, and often does occur when breasts bounce during running, horseback riding, tennis matches and other forms of high-activity workouts or sports. Strap chafing and sore shoulders from inadequate bra support are all-too-common complaints, and many of the so-called solutions – compression and/or a too-tight fit – are simply uncomfortable or, depending on breast size, unattainable.

Sports bras are now nearly ubiquitous in female athletic circles, but they were only introduced a little more than 30 years in the several years after the passage of the historic Title IX legislation that lead to much wider participation of women and girls in school-sponsored athletics.

Those early sports bras, however, never really addressed the breast-bounce issue for well-endowed women, and that led to an innovative development by a well-endowed Montana sports enthusiast.

Renelle Braaten, then a hairdresser who struggled to comfortably play her favorite games racquetball and volleyball, saw a gap in the new sports bra offerings that she felt were inadequate for the more well-endowed women like her. She and her mother, a talented seamstress, designed the initial Enell sports bra, and the pair conducted extensive testing in a sports biomedics lab to perfect the design. The then launched the Enell company and their patented products remain the gold standard for those women, like her, who weren’t being served by the sports bras on the market.

“I was frustrated by the lack of adequate sports bras on the market,” says Braaten, Founder and President of Enell Sports. “Forced to wear two bras, I would still experience aching shoulders and uncomfortable, unhealthy breast-bounce.  In search of answers, I went to the same place all women do -- my mother – and pretty soon we were making Enell Sports Bras for friends and fellow athletes.”

Enell Sports Bras are ideal for the woman with large breasts who wants to workout without all the "bounce." They are available in two models: The classic Enell SPORTS Bra is for wear during more high-impact sporting activities, like volleyball or aerobic dance classes, while the Enell LITE Bra joined the line in response to demand for a lighter sports bra for low- to medium-impact activities. Enell bras are dedicated to well-endowed women and each is available in sizes 32C through 52DD.

The classic version is made of 90% nylon and 10% Lycra Spandex, and features a patented design and construction that is a balance of compression and encapsulation perfect for high-impact activity. The Enell LITE Bra, while targeted at active women, is also designed to be a great all-day bra for the well-endowed woman. The LITE is made of 84% nylon, and 16% Spandex, with a super soft sueded microfiber lining made of 76% nylon and 24% Spandex. The high performance fabric in both models wicks moisture away from your body and dissipates body heat while giving you outstanding strength, color, and garment life.

Enell Sports Bra In Action“With the ENELL bra your breasts are completely secured for minimal bounce,” says Braaten. “This bra fits much tighter than any other bra you have tried and retains its support even after becoming wet with perspiration. With easy front hook and eye closure, outer clothing moves freely over the smooth nylon Lycra spandex fabric with no clinging. The bra also features wide shoulder straps, a higher neck line, plenty of arm freedom and no restriction of movement.”

Enell Sports bras are marketed through sports and specialty retailers, like Ladies Only Sports. Enell Sports Bra and Enell Lite Sports Bra are in stock for immediate shipment and always qualify for FREE SHIPPING (to the lower 48). For complete information visit our website at or us at 877-567-5239.

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