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Here's the edge that every girl is looking for, this embedded wearable holographic technology will take your workout to the next level, and it looks cool too!

Balance • Strength • Flexibility • Endurance

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price $13.00

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Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price $13.00


EFX's  embedded wearable technology contains frequencies, in the form of a hologram, that are highly compatible with the body.  The sport band is designed to resonate with your body's naturally occuring frequencies.  Like acupuncture and acupressure, EFX products can be placed to influence specific energy centers or promote wellness.  When your body is in a more harmonious state, muscles relax, blood flow increases and you may feel more relaxed. Many professional athletes swear by the product, saying that it not only enhances their performance, but also lessens their recovery time.

  • Available in 7" or 8" bands
  • Made from water resistant and stretchable silicone
  • The holograms are made out of metallic material called Mylar.
  • The EFX dots will not lose their programming unless they are destroyed. You can even cut the dot in half and it will still work! However, some magnets can erase the programmed frequencies. EFX is not recommended to be used in a hot tub.
  • EFX products are great for water sports and activities! Many EFX customers are swimmers, surfers, wake boarders, water polo players and divers.

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